Spring Travel Team

Included below is some preliminary information on our spring travel team season.  Please read all information as some details have changed from last spring.


We will be holding our tryouts for our spring travel teams on March 22, 2020 at Falmouth High on the turf from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

U10/U12/U16 @ 10-12pm
U14 & U19 @ 12-2pm

At this time not all tournaments dates have been finalized so we can only provide a tentative plan at this point.

Tryout time (U14-U19) March 21, 2020: – Goalies will try out with their respective age group.

4-6 PM = U16

6-8 PM = U14 & U19

Tryout time (U12) March 22, 2020: 

11-1pm (U12)

**Age group is determined by the players age as of December 31, 2019.

Tryout fee:  $40

All players will need to bring full equipment.


All practices (7-10) will be held on Saturdays or Sundays at Monomoy Regional HS.  Each team will be assigned a two-hour block for practice.  There are (3) two-hour practice blocks per week.  We haven’t finalized which ages groups will be training in each block, but the younger age groups will likely be in the first block.  The three blocks run from 9 AM – 3 PM.


Most teams will have a minimum of 3-4 tournaments/play dates.  Some teams will have more depending on team/age group.  

One team from the U14,  U16 & U19 age groups will attend the Regional Club Championship (U16 – May 30/31, U14 June 6/7) & U19 June 13/14) and New England Cup. Both are very competitive multi- day events where college scouts attend (for those interested in playing beyond high school)

Team selections

Regional Club Championship/NE Cup teams:  We will field one 11 v 11 team in the U14, U16 & U19 age group that will practice and play together in 11 v 11 tournaments only this spring.  These teams will be comprised of around 14 players plus one goalie.  All will attend the Regional Club Championship tournament and the New England Cup in Taunton.

7 v 7 Tournament teams: The remaining players will be selected to teams of 9-10 players plus one goalie for 7 v 7 tournaments as we have the past two seasons in all age groups.

Estimate season cost (will fluctuate based on number of practices and tournaments)

U10 – $525-$550

U12 – $550-$650

U14 – $450-$600 (based on selection to 11 v 11 RCC/NE Cup team)

U16 – $550-$950 (based on selection to 11 v 11 RCC/NE Cup team)

U19 – $500-$950 (based on selection to 11 v 11 RCC/NE Cup team)

All selected players are required to have an active USA Field Hockey membership once teams are selected.

All players will need to have a team uniform (2 tops/1 skirt), blue & white team socks and a practice pinnie.

We cannot guarantee every player will be selected to a team.  That always depends on the number of players who try out in each age group, but our goal is always to give as many players as possible an opportunity to participate when we can.